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Sunday Night Baseball Free Play (9/4)

As always, Toast shares my Sunday Night Baseball for everyone. Here is what he likes tonight.


Dodgers -1.5 (+115)

SGP * Dodgers ML | Mookie Betts to get a hit (-105)

I am sure this does not come as a shock to anyone I am on the Dodgers tonight. Kinda a bullpen day for the Dodgers, but the bet is not really against the Padres, but more on how well the Dodgers have been and continue to be. Mike Clevinger faced the Dodgers a couple weeks back and got shelled. I think the Padres bullpen is horrible as well. I think the Dodgers win, but I do have to admit the starting pitcher advantage goes to the Padres. So playing the RL half a unit, playing the SGP for a unit as well as some props. Sit back and enjoy Sunday Night Baseball.


Mookie Betts 3+ total bases (+180)

Max Muncy, Freddy Freeman, Wil Smith, hit parlay (+190)

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Like clockwork!

Sep 05, 2022
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You dam right! Lol


All day

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