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NHL Picks Friday 4/29


Red Wings at Devils Ov6.5 (-115), .5

• These teams have had consistently bad goaltending all year. Detroit is allowing almost 4 goals per game and the Devils are not much better. Their offenses are not that great but should be able to find the net enough times in this game to hit the over.

Blackhawks at Sabres ML (-130), .75

• This is the final home game for Buffalo fans and they should put on a show for them tonight after getting shut out in Boston last night. Blackhawks have won 2 straight but I think they end the season on a loss to the young and talented Sabres team in front of their home crowd.

Blackhawks at Sabres Ov6.5 (-110), .5

• See above summary

Bruins at Maple Leafs Un6.5 (-120), .5

• In this game, Toronto will be sitting some of their best players to avoid any injuries and I think it could be a close low scoring game. We know Boston is very defensive minded team to begin with, and the Leafs are all about their offensive power, but that will be diminished with some of those players missing from the lineups. Under is my play.

Capitals at Rangers Ov5.5 (-130), .75

• Both teams have been struggling to find the net recently but that should change in this game. Each team will be starting backup goalies and I think the rosters will have an easier time will scoring chances and taking advantage of the backups. I really like this over and it should be an exciting game.

Senators ML (-110) at Flyers, .5

• Ottawa was shut out last night against Florida and I think they come into this game with a vengeance. Philly has been a bad team all year and will continue that trend tonight hopefully as they are one of worst defenses in the NHL. Senators should be able to find plenty of scoring chances and get this final game road victory.

Panthers -1.5 (-105) at Canadiens, .75

• So in this matchup, we have the East leading Florida team who is playing for the most points in the NHL, and home ice advantage throughout all of playoffs. And then we have this Montreal team, who if they loose, they will have the least amount of points in the NHL and possibly the best chances at winning the draft lottery. I’m going to go with the better team.

Golden Knights at Blues -1.5 (+140), .5

• What a sad ending for Vegas this year. They had very high expectations and fell short when they needed the wins to make it to playoffs. It will be tough for them playing this game against a team who will be in playoffs and is an all around better team even if they are resting a few players. I’ll take a shot with the puck line at plus value and hope for the best.

Ducks at Stars -1.5 (+100), .5

• Dallas, even though they clinched their playoff spot with Vegas loosing, they can still move up a seed of the Predators loose tonight and they win. They will have their regular starting lineup for this game and look to beat the Ducks for a better matchup in the first round.

Canucks at Oilers Ov6.5 (+100), .5

• Not much to be played for in this game which leads me to lean towards the over. Edmonton thrives on high scoring and against this upset Vancouver team that has bad goaltending and defense anyway, it should be an all out goal scoring event. Oilers can also give up just as many goals as they get and since nothing really matters in this game, I’ll take the over.

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