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NCAAB PLAYS 12/11/22

TOP PLAYS GO 3-3 YESTERDAY! Toast has some plays for you college hoop fans, even though it is a NFL Sunday. We live for HOOPS!

Yes Iona already started. I posted that in the community page last night so everyone could get a jump on it. I did not realize Virginia Tech was just about to start.


BON @ IONA ( 7:30PM)

Toast Says:

Iona -6

This will be a huge test for the Bonnies in facing this Iona team. I think this game will come down to turnovers, Iona #4 in turnover % and the Bonnies are #213 as far as turnover %. Iona has also played a much better schedule, including just smacking Saint Louis their last time out.



OHIO @ YSU ( 2:00 PM)

Toast Says:

Ohio +6

Model play


OKST @ VT (2:00 PM)

Toast Says:

Virginia Tech -1.5

I am bullish on this Virginia Tech team. I don't get me wrong this Oklahoma State team is pretty damn good especially on the defensive end but at the same time Oklahoma State team is pretty damn good especially on the defensive end but at the same time OK State turns the ball over at a very high rate # 294 in the country. Oh Tech, they do not turn it over, #1 in the country in turnover %. The other differences between the two that I just can't get out of my head is the 3-point shooting, Virginia Tech #105 ( #12 on 2 point shots) while Oklahoma State #273 shooting the 3 ball.


MARQ @ ND ( 4:00 PM)

Toast Says:

Marquette -1.5

I do not trust this Notre Dame team. I am typing this at 3:30 AM eastern time and over 80% of the money in the the Irish. And then if you dig into the numbers I really like Marquette. Some people will point to the rebounding but neither team really rebounds very well. But as far as offensively and effective field goal percentage Marquette is much better at 7 compared to 29 for ND. On the defensive Side Market about 100 spots better. Like I said I don't trust this Notre Dame team and I get a fade the money, well worth a shot.


URC @ IDHO ( 5:00PM)

Toast Says:

UC Riverside -5.5

Model play




Iona -6 | .5u

Ohio +6 | .5u

Virginia Tech -1.5 | .5u

Marquette -1.5 | .5u

UC Riverside -5.5 | .5u

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