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NBA Picks Sunday 11/7

I shut down my computer for the day… but there are some NBA bets I’m making so I’m posting this from my phone before NFL kicks off


Raptors are undefeated on the road… but at home they’re fadeable. I’m on Brooklyn at a generously low number. Nets -3.5


Probably a good spot to fade the Knicks here… Cavs have been really good… but New York protects the rim well so it’s not the more favorable matchup. I’ll bet Knicks -8 but not on VIP


Stay away from Magic vs Jazz


TOUGH pick here… Wizards have been so good at home… Milwaukee has Holiday back but still no Middleton or Lopez. I’ll take Wizards to beat the defending champs


Without Brogdon… I don’t think Indians can guard Fox I’m on Kings here


FADE OKC. I’m on Spurs


Clippers clamp down defense on the outside shot and beat Charlotte



BK -3.5 | 1U

SAC -1.5 | 1U

SAS -4 | 1U

LAC -6 | 1U

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1 Comment

Nov 08, 2021

Let’s get this money tonight boiiiiiiiiiiiz

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