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NBA Early Picks Saturday 4/22

4 games today... this whole Saturday is loaded with sports. Let's take a look.


76ERS @ NETS GAME 4 | 1 PM


BKN +2

PHI TT Un105.5 (-110)

HARDEN Un23.5 PTS (-120)

When they first announced that Embiid was out yesterday... I fully intended on betting Philadelphia regardless... but I honestly thought Brooklyn was gonna be laying a couple points.

We got the Nets CATCHING 2 at home here. This Brooklyn Nets team... I'm talking about the new Nets... with Bridges and Cam Johnson. This NEW Nets team has played two home games against the Sixers this season. The 1st one... Brooklyn had the lead with 6 seconds left and lost. The 2nd one... Brooklyn had the lead with 1 minute left. BOTH OF THOSE GAMES WERE WITH JOEL EMBIID. Now, we're gonna lay points to them without Embiid?

Let's not forget this Nets defense is ELITE... and they're also a team full of underdogs. These aren't the type of guys who give up. Mikal Bridges refused to sit the final game of the season even though it was meaningless simply cuz he's never missed a basketball game before.

Brooklyn's defense does its job today.

James Harden played 7 games this season without Embiid... wanna know how many times he went over 23 points? TWICE.




PHX -7.5

PHX 1H -4

This is where today gets less fun. Injury question marks in every game.

No Kawhi and no Paul George... I'M PLAYING THE SUNS. I don't care if it's square. I don't care if Clips hung on to barely cover in game 3. This team should blow the Clips out.

You wanna bet on this happening again? Norman Powell drops 42 points. Russ Westbrook had a crazy game. Even Bones Hyland dropped 20 off the bench.

The Clippers defensively couldn't stop Phoenix in game 3... they won't stop Phoenix in game 4... and the Clippers offense isn't gonna be able to pull a miracle out their ass again. Let's not forget that the Suns defense is top 10 in the league. That was a fluke.






BKN +2 (-110) | 1u

PHI TT Un105.5 (-110) | .5u


HARDEN Un23.5 PTS (-120) | .5u


PHX -7 (-110) | 1u

PHX 1H -4 (-110) | .5u






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