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The regular season did not end how Toast wanted, and that is putting it nice! Last year he did call the Braves and Astros world series. He had the Astros winning, but still a nice call. Here is a message from Toast..

" What up guys, sorry about the shit last month. I am putting that behind me and I am very excited for the playoffs. Any google search can find you previews of these series. So I do something just a litte different. I am going to show you stats like base running, strikeout rates, things of that nature. Things that may go under the radar, but can come in very handy in the postseason. this is kinda baseball nerd stuff, but I got a lot of messages about the one from last year so I hope you enjoy it. "

Toast will have plays for all the games tomorrow as well as the rest of the post season.



dWAR is a stat that takes a ton of things into consideration, to value a team or players performance.

Teams to watch:

As you can see teams like the Mets and the Phillies are at a huge disadvantage when to comes to defense.

Yankees even with not winning games were able to continue to play great defense all year.

Cleveland, yet again another thing they do well.


Runs From Base Running.

Trust me when I say base running is important.

Teams to watch:

As you can see teams like the Mets, Padres and Blue Jays have some real trouble compared to the rest of the field. Good news the bottom 4 teams all play each other in the first round.

Can Cleveland continue to take bags?

Will the Cards be more aggressive being home playing a team like the Phillies who do not play defense well?


Ground into Double Plays

How irritating is it when a team get a man on base and then hits into a double play and it kills the threat? I look at that as well, especially for the post season.

As you can see, some teams like the Blue Jays and Mets really have a issue with this, where teams like the Dodgers can avoid it with the speed and power at the top of the lineup.

Teams to watch:

Mets have to do something with Marte out to fix this issue. I trust Buck knows this.

Rays will need to continue to stay out of harms way on the base paths, considering how well Cleveland can play defense.



ISO measures the raw power of a hitter by taking only extra-base hits -- and the type of extra-base hit -- into account. For example, a player who goes 1-for-5 with a double has an ISO of . 200.

Teams to watch:

Phillies solid at .170, can they get hot?

Cleveland has a very low ISO, can they generate some power?

Cardinals are not really as high as you may expect.


At Bats Per Strikeout

Power is great, but at the same time, in the post season the pitching is just better. I like teams who are going to put the ball in play. Cleveland the best averaging 4.9 at bats per stikeout. so pretty much only 1 out of 5 Guardian batters srikeout.

Teams to watch:

Mets do not have a great ISO power number, but as you can see a low K rate helps ease that pain.

Yankees seem to be long ball or strikeout, do not love that.