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Couple Early MLB Leans But No VIP Plays

Sorry guys... we're just not seeing the value here... I just got off the phone with Toast and we're both gonna play these 2 picks... but neither are strong enough to be VIP plays




If you're thinking this pick seems "too obvious"... you're spot on... It is. And that's actually a problem.

Look at the money distribution in this game.

The whole world agrees that this pick is super obvious... and the line is STILL dropping! That's seriously alarming. So... we're gonna bet it... but I definitely don't feel comfortable throwing in on a VIP ticket.


REDS ML +100


Everyone's betting the Brewers... Cincinnati facing a sweep after 2 losses in games they coulda won. Rivalry game... I get to fade the money and take the team playing with a chip on their shoulder.

Sonny Gray has been shaky... but Brett Anderson is certainly not Cy Young. Gimme the Reds.

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