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It is impossible to compile my work into one single reel. So I've added this page to my website in an effort to be more integrative with my skills and services. The first video shows a very basic introduction to me and everything I've worked on. As you scroll down on this page, you'll see I've separated my work and accomplishments into sections to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for.

intro to reel


The most important and underrated skill of an editor is the ability to tell a story. That is why I chose this piece. This is a sizzle I created for a reality show. This was one of my favorite teasers I've ever worked on. I thought the concept for this show was really good and not to sound conceited, but I crushed this project. Take notice of the movement I chose to navigate through the scenes and introduce the characters.

story building

They Got Cake Sizzle

They Got Cake Sizzle

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This is obviously the part of the reel that everyone wants to look at. The proper movement and effects can give your video the feel it needs to grab the viewer. There are tons of clips I could show you but I've decided to go with these 3.

- The intro to Cheerlives NY, which is a pilot I edited in December 2019.

- The intro I created for "For The Gram", which was a pilot I cut in February 2020.

movement / effects