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VIP Suggestions for 2023

First of all... thanks to everyone for subscribing. I know that October was so ugly... glad we got through that.

What I'm looking for is suggestions from you guys on what you think I can do better... or what you'd like to see me add / remove. There are no wrong answers.

I have a bunch of plans for this year... things I wanna add.

- Live updating injury reports on the app.

- Live updating pie charts with bets/money tracking.

- Here's one I've been working on for a while... I just am not good enough at coding to make it happen right now... I want everyone to have their own model... that they can adjust according to their own preferences. So maybe you think rebounding is gonna be important in this matchup so you can slide the rebounding metrics up... maybe it's bad weather and you think the run game and run defense are gonna be important, you can slide the rushing sliders up.

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