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This is the best game on the College Basketball board today. Both teams should make a deep run in the tournament.

Nova is coming off a bad shooting night where they shot 13 of 50 from deep against Syracuse. i gotta think they will shoot a little better today.

Baylor is legit, athletic and very well coached. oh yea and the defending the National champs. Baylor is top 5 in ken pom on offense and defense and have not lost this year.

Nova on the other hand has lost a couple games. Nova has played a much more difficult schedule and will not be bothered playing in the road.

Who is Toast taking?

Nova +5

I just have this feeling that coach Wright will have his guys ready. The losses to Purdue and UCLA should have this team battle tested, and I think Baylor will not have the success offensively that they have had early this year. Also it is just about time for Nova to get one of these games.

( models do lean Baylor, like the Beaver i do not care)


2 other plays i made

Akron -13
William & Mary +7

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