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Toast was not going to leave you with nothing! Here are 3 plays he made on this short slate. Nothing more than a half unit on each.


SMU / USU (7:00 PM)

Toast Says:

SMU +12.5

I just think this is too many points. Iona didn't have very much leg so I'm not going to put a ton into the win, but SMU was 10 point dogs. Honestly I just think that 12.5 is too many in a situation like this, Where Utah State probably didn't expect to play these guys in the first place but either way, short scout and the fact both teams played yesterday makes me think SMU can stay inside the number.


KENN @ IND (7:00 PM)

Toast Says:

KSU/IU over 141

Kennesaw State is athletic and well coached and that’s allowed them to stay competitive with teams like Florida and VCU. Indiana might be resting TJD again in their final game before break (I’ve heard the plan is to play him limited minutes, but that was also the plan against Elon before Woody wanted to rest him completely). There are some other things at play here the Kennesaw State having ties to old IU coaches, so he should have his team ready to go. And if you're asking without TJD how does Indiana score? I mean Kennesaw State is still #214 in the country, Hoosier will score.


WSU @ HAW (12:00 AM)

Toast Says:

Hawaii +3.5

As much as I love Washington State I'm not sure if I like this matchup for them. Washington State doesn't where they have a true point guard running their sets. So with Hawaii, That actually helps them because they run a lot of traps and hard edges on balls Greenwood should disrupt it flow the flow of the Cougars offense. WSU’s offense creates catch and shoots at the 10th highest rate per SQ, but as I’ve noted many times, Hawaii’s defense is designed to eliminate those catch and shoots. Going to take a small stabbed with the home team getting over a full possession.


As far as the Rutgers game, there will be no one there with the weather and no students. Jersey native Xander Rice ( BUCK) would love to play hero ball vs a team that didn’t recruit him, so maybe look at his props.

As far as George Washington and Pepperdine I think Pepperdine's and much more talented team and they're in a better spot but the George Washington offense could give them a little bit of problems with all their balls screens so I just can't really get a read on that one

Seattle and Iona It's hard to predict as far as laying the points because Iona it should in a perfect world beat them by double-digits but they could be just a tired Iona team as we saw last night, so the back door could be open. I don't want to sweat this out.

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