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MLV VIP Saturday October 2nd

Toast coming off a BAD MLB night... looking for a bounce-back to hit that target finish of +30 units on the season. Let's get it.


Mariners F5 -.5 (-115)

Mariners -1.5 (+105)

Seattle lost yesterday, well they have to win today. Flexen on the mound for Seattle who has been excellent for them. Diaz for LA is a nobody.


Indians F5 -.5 (-105)

Mckenzie on the bump for Cleveland. Love backing this kid.


Nationals F5 ML (+130)

Gray has been good, pen day for Boston. Just taking a shot


Mariners/Dodgers ML parley (+165)




Mariners F5 -.5 (-115) | .75U

Mariners -1.5 (+105) | .5U

Indians F5 -.5 (-105) | .5U

Nationals F5 ML (+130) | .5U

Mariners/Dodgers ML parley (+165) | .5U



Tigers +1.5 (+120)

At this price I am going to play it.

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