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Inter Milan/AC Milan - Wednesday 5/10

Well the Man City/Madrid game was closer than I thought, and the defense/goalkeeping held up longer than I though. Oh well, let's get them back in this all Italian game. Inter Milan has been on a tear lately that they haven't shown all season. They've now passed AC Milan in Serie A. They've beaten them 2 of their 3 matches this season, but have looked better than them in all 3 of their matches. The thing with this matchup is both of the games will be played at San Siro so no one will have home field advantage. This definitely favors Inter as well. I have to ride Inter here. They have 15 goals and 1 against in their past five matches. Rafael Leao should be out for this one, and even if he plays, it may be more of a hinderance to AC. Bank on a competitive defensive battle (as is most of Serie A), but Inter should prevail here.

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