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Announcement From Kyle

Just wanted everyone to read something real quick... so first off... sincerest apologies for the past couple weeks... seems like I just can't catch a break. You guys have all been cool as hell about it tho which makes things easier.


This weekend is a great sports weekend... March Madness... MLB opening weekend... NBA... NASCAR... soccer... TONS of action out there. That being said... it's not really a great BETTING weekend.

  • Finding value in the NBA right now is CHALLENGING... really tough to predict what kind of effort we're gonna see out of these teams right now.

  • March Madness, as I'm sure most of you know, such a coinflip. Small sample sizes with almost zero common opponents. Tons of fun... but not a great tournament for turning a profit.

  • MLB... we have no data! We're throwing darts in the dark here trying to get a feel for how these teams are coming out of the gate.

So just want to remind everyone to please bet responsibly this weekend. I think it's in our best interest to drop our unit sizes... that way we don't let losses ruin what should be a really fun weekend.

Can never thank you guys enough for the support. You guys are the shit.


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Unknown member
Apr 08

You are as straightforward as they get. Appreciate the honesty.


Bob Close
Bob Close
Mar 30

You're the man and this is my Team. We win together, we lose together. Makes our defeats softer and our victories sweeter. You're my guys and I'm yours... and there's nothing I wouldn't do for you.


Ok Gentleman, lead me down a path and I don't need the promise land path! A path to get off the the snide today to get somewhere in the green. I'm not Irish so sprinkle your dust once again and I'm in.


We love you man. We dont love Sean though. Sean sucks


Respect! I have told of bunch of my homies about you and we all love the content you put forth. You and the rest of the teams hard work is much appreciated,

thank you

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